Hoodie kreineckers x Wetter Etc

  • Hoodie kreineckers x Wetter Etc
  • Hoodie kreineckers x Wetter Etc
  • Hoodie kreineckers x Wetter Etc
  • Hoodie kreineckers x Wetter Etc


Wide fit crewneck Hoodie & Wetter Etc. Vinyl "Umschwung"

Hoodie in dark & light navy with a
5 colour silkscreen print

100% handmade
100% organic cotton

please wash carefully inside out
with low speed (600-800 turnings) at or below 30° max.
no dryer & no bleach

As always kreineckers produced a very limited edition of all handmade and screen printed pullovers with a printdesign, that originates in the works of the artists.

Our Edition is the result of a close collaboration with David Einwaller, a Vienna-based graphic designer. Together we developed a three-layered constellation for the project wetter.etc.

Based on three differently structured prints of clouds, the variation within the series is realized through the intuitive combination of three cloud shapes in again three phases. "Cirrus" (audio), "Cumulus" ( graphic) and "Nimbostratus" (print) meet in different densities on the finished hoodies. In the end they add up to 30 unique pieces, 30 weather conditions.

The sound is based on frequency-modulations of the silkscreen print: a certain amount of dots per inch (density) can be translated into auditive waveforms: for example 100 dots per inch can be interpreted as 100 herzt - which is close to a „G“ note. By using all the graphic-design related numbers the hoodie turns into a musical score.

Wetter.etc is a collective bringing together sound creations with visual and performing arts.

Print design: David Einwaller
Implementation: Kreineckers, Anna & Magdalena Kreinecker
Credits: Rea Djurović

Project in close collaboration with Wetter Etc.

Size Guide


  • L (arms: 70 / back lenght: 72)
    2 in stock
  • S (arms: 60 / back lenght: 62)
    3 in stock
  • XL (arms: 73/ back lenght: 80)
    2 in stock
  • XS (arms: 55 / back lenght: 58)
    2 in stock
  • M (arms: 65 / back lenght: 68)
    0 in stock