Kreineckers is a joint project by Anna and Magdalena Kreinecker, two sisters that simply share the same second name: Kreinecker. 

We decided to finally work together in the very beginning of the year 2020 - that is also why our editions are named after the months in which they are launched in. Anna works as a costume and stagedesigner, Magdalena as an artist and printmaker, we both live and work in Vienna. 

Kreineckers, for us is a way to communicate what we believe in. In combination with our passion for printmaking, fashion and handicraft we are convinced to create new, adventurous things!

2020 is a very challenging year, and everything that we all do happens within that craziness. Collaboration and formation for us is a way to cope with that and and also how we care. ✨ Thanks to all who have worked with us until now and who will do in the next months - and of course to everyone for sharing our ideas! 

Together we produce high quality, organic, handmade garments like pullovers, shirts, bags and others in small edition released monthly. The handsewn products with original silkscreen prints, are exclusively made from sustainable materials, all products are crafted in Vienna.

We are very thankful for your early support  - this is how we can start and continue with something new and crazy. For the next months we have planned so many exciting things and we are very much looking forward to that!  Stay tuned! 

If you want to work with us just drop a line at

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