Pullover November x Theresa Hattinger

  • Pullover November x Theresa Hattinger
  • Pullover November x Theresa Hattinger

KREINECKERS is featuring the artist Theresa Hattinger this time! 🚀

Theresa Hattinger is a designer, artist - she likes to: above all ✨ rack her brains in order to put just the right amount of color (usually a lot) in just the right places.

A huge thanks to Shirin Omran for the Fotos, to Theresa for the fun collab and to Dimas and Sebastian for being great in our Pullover!

A wide fit crewneck pullover in frosty lilac, ecru and amazon green with 5 color silkscreen print!

Our november edition comes with an exclusive Theresa Hattinger fanzine! 💘

100% handmade
100% organic cotton

please wash carefully inside out
with low speed (max 800 turns/min) at or below 30° max!

no dryer & no bleach

printdesign: Theresa Hattinger
photos: Shirin Omran
printed by Magdalena Kreinecker
sewn by Anna Kreinecker

Size Guide


  • XS (arms: 55 / back lenght: 58)
    1 in stock
  • S (arms: 60 / back lenght: 62)
    0 in stock
  • M (arms: 65 / back length: 68)
    0 in stock
  • L (arms: 70 / back length: 72)
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